Yesterday evening I'm at Rittenhouse Square and this young man approaches me and starts to harass me about some John Nicholson photos I took, as well as other info.

Don't know this guy from jack. The above info was only privy to a couple of Philadelphians, a worker from the DA's office and a freelance photographer from Getty Images, so I know the source now.

I blow this guy off and tell him to get out of my face, he becomes disheveled... I'll continue in a moment, but first...

I use to be a Social Worker and I can read people at a glance. This guy has a wrinkled designer dress shirt with rolled up sleeves, shorts one or two two sizes too big, no, not like over sized designer shorts; colored dress socks with sneakers and his hair was about 3/4 inch without being trimmed, like if he just got out of the joint or some rat hole. And, he has rotted teeth, you know like a crack head, meth freak or a heroin junky. He's smoking anxiously, like if he can wait 'till its over so he can get his ten or twenty dollars, so he can get his next fix.

To continue, so then he runs to this high end red sedan and he talks to this guy driving it, like complaining that things didn't go exactly as expected. Something a crackhead would do, becoming disheveled by the unexpected. So the guy in the sedan rides around the block and the guy slowly slinks behind me and over to the newspaper bins. When the guy in the red sedan returns and parks his car, he continues to harass me, but I've already taken my pictures and leave.

Not new, they've done this before, with unfortunate souls who'll take a few bucks and follow their instructions. Like the guy above who was instructed, as well as, provided with information that was only available to a couple of people.

On the Jack Nicolson photos, who didn't take his photo while filming at the Widner Building at South Broad Street.

I'll continue this later....

Lackey Photos

Lackey's should not make threats in front of a camera, especially looking directly at the photographer.

With hand formed like a gun and pointed directly to the head; like, yeah we're going to shoot you in the head, while looking directly at me.

You know who I mean; designer Red T-Shirt, diamond shaped earrings, probably glass; and the Tan Sedan lookout in front of Macy's, with Plate Number... I'd post the pics but wasn't allowed. They would make nice 8 X 10's or wanted posters.

Remember this, I was raised on the streets of Philly and was alongside ZULU before you were even thought of. And, when I decided to go to college I graduated Magna Cum Laude.

That's how I'm going to get you, through you're lackey's; everybody sings under the right circumstances.

So I can read you!!!