Withholding Knowledge As A Weapon

So the Philadelphia North East Regional Library is at it again, denying me access to books, as they had previously attempted and failed, and which I had previously posted about.

This time I ordered a book through the Inter Library Loan System, the Central Library released the book on Wednesday the 8th (eight days ago) and this library (Philadelphia North East Regional Library) claims they haven't received the book and that they have not had any deliveries. Lies, lies, lies; two deliveries alone that I know about: Thursday, April the 9th, which I witnessed personally and Tuesday, April the 14th in which they received a delivery of Inter Library Loans. They have offered excuses of broken trucks and no deliveries, but they are lies.

An Inter Library Loan is a book obtained outside the Public Library System and is only allowed for approximately 21 days from the date it is released by the Central Library. So I guess, the strategy is to delay the delivery of the book as long as possible, as the book is due on May 1st, so that I don't have much time to read it. The book is 400 pages long.

Also, I have requested another book from within the Library System, from another branch, which also has not shown up. It was requested over a week ago also.

The Nazi's and Fascist's prohibited their populations from gaining knowledge also. They would ban, burn and destroy books. As well as, horde books for their own reading.

Retaliation, fear of a little competition for their protected bourgeoisie artist or just plain evil, anybodies guess!

This is just another example of how they control the flow and dissemination of information. The media being another easy example.