Next Up: Character Assassination

Disclaimer: As most previous post are based on fact; this post however is based more on a hypothetical construct.

After all other strategies to demean and denigrate my person have failed; like guilt by association, smearing, rumor mongering, etc. The next step would be character assassination in which they will try and create a negative persona. Not that they are inexperienced at this; since the time before Christ, as documented in the Old and New Testament, they are masters at it.

The objective would be to try and do the following:
  • Create ill will and negative attitudes towards my person,
  • Which could lead to verbal and/or physical attacks on my person,
  • Which could then lead to confrontations,
  • Which could then lead to legal consequences.
  • Make false accusations and try to make them stick.
  • Create a "Domino Effect" whereby they would hope that a series of the above actions would eventually get me into some kind of trouble.
Which brings to mind the following: Vile, Vicious, Venomous Vitriol.