Let's Out Them, The Collaborators #1

Collaborators and other its: Eric Mencher, Ex-Daily News Photographer and Reporter, so he tells me, every time I run into him he's always asking about my photographs. How I save them and how and where and on what I store them, annoying. Especially knowing how crooked he and his wife are.

Lately he has come around Rittenhouse Sq. and intentionally runs into me, I guess he is trying to set something up. The other day he was insisting that I sit on the bench with him, I politely declined. Then he was patting his little fagot purse for some strange reason.

He gave me this whole story about how he is unemployed now and some other bullshit.

The Frame Continues

They don't want peace or compromise,they only want to destroy; like is their history.

But I'll tell you this: I'm not afraid of you or your cronies, you know like the ones at Rittenhouse Sq., that pretend to be your friend, only so they can spy and or set you up. Or, like the one that keeps inviting me to remote places in North Philly, South Philly and West Philly, I guess so they can whack me.