The Lackeys Again

Today I was harrassed and bumped by a large african-american male down at Penn's Landing; no reason whatsoever, one of their lackies. This is not new, last summer and the summer before that the same thing happened. Usually other homeless men, whom I suspect are given a few bucks to try and provoke a confrontation since there is nothing on me. Trying to get the upper hand somehow, and since they won't do it themselves; though they have tried before and currently at the boarding home. They try that is which is not directly linked to them.

The funny thing is how I don't hang out with anyone and out of the blue these people show up trying to provoke something. Last year it was this large spanish homeless guy who would always say I stole his blanket.

The year before that, it was another african-american male, with some other bullshit.

Update: Yeah, And, the guy at Gallery Mall!