I Don't Want To Be Paid

So after being homeless for another round of about eight months, I finally obtained a room at a boarding home for men. Unknown to me the owner or manager is Jewish. Not that it matters to me, it's just a business transaction. So, anyway I spoke with them and agreed to rent the room for a weekly rate. I also offered to mail the payment, which was rejected.

The manager states that they would only accept cash and then didn't want to provide a receipt, I needed one for my state paid medicaid benefits so reluctantly they provided one, which turns out to be a legally binding written rental contract.

The manager states that they will collect the weekly rent due on Sunday nights which I agree to and states that occasionally they might not be able to pick it up on Sundays and will make arrangements for another day when that is the case. I state that I can leave it on the top of the bureau. However, after being there a couple of days I notice the door has been knifed many times and it might not be secure to do the same.

When the rent was due they didn't show up, so I called, and when they came to pick up the rent due, I pay by money order, the manager raised some objections and stated that they have never dealt with a money order. A little bit incredible in this day and age. Anyway, I use money orders because it provides tracking, verification of payment, and date of payment; no silly game issues, if you know what I mean.

The following week they picked up the payment. The week after that they don't show up to pick up the payment , I call and there is no response. The following day I call again and still no response. Then I finally get a return message and I call and they agree to pick it up on Saturday, all the while being very antagonizing on the phone. I state that I'll also include the following weeks payment so they don't have to come twice.

When they show up there is all this gibberish about how it is so difficult to pick up the payment and how I didn't have my payment on time; when they are not picking it up on time, as it was there to be picked up. That's where the money order comes in, as it has the date printed on it when it was issued. They didn't even come in to pick up the payment, I guess after that nastiness on the phone, so I had to take it out to their vehicle. Anyway, they are being very antagonizing, as to try and create a problem, but as usual I always maintain my cool when I need to, that's my calling card.

So, the manager tries to explain to me how difficult it is to make it out on Sunday nights, after that being the original agreement. So I state well just leave a message when you're going to pick it up. However they continue to make it difficult. I state, well can't you know in the morning when you wake up if your going to be able to pick it up and they state that it is not possible for them to know. What kind of life, huh!

So anyway, they get all kinds of rowdy/routy. I mention to them the issue about the door being knifed and they state and reiterate that it is safe to leave the money order on the top of the bureau and how they know everyone there and bla bla bla . I state if the money order where to disappear I would be out he weeks payment to which they say nothing and continue to get more antagonizing and rowdy/routy.

Since then, they don't show up, like if avoiding being served papers, my payment that is; so as to have an possible excuse to leave me homeless again?

So that's where things are and we'll see how thing work out.

The Straw that Broke the Camels' Back

In all my years as a Philadelphia library member I have never returned a book late, had any penalties or fees, and have never failed to respond to any communications from the same.

Yet, yesterday, 02/12/09, I was checked for current phone and address, like a spot check, and was denied a book checkout. I wonder if this was a general measure being taken on this day or was I singled out for whatever reason. I presented rent receipts of current address which were not accepted and they did the best they could to deny me any further services. I returned later with a hand written legal rental contract which was questioned but accepted. And the expression on the faces was that of disappointment on a failed attempt to suspend or terminate my library services.

I guess or suspect that either, they want to prevent me from posting to this blog and/or prevent furthering my photography knowledge or both.

It reminds me of an incident last year at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, where upon checking out a rare photography publication by one of the old masters, who happens to be Jewish and whom I admire very much, the clerk lashes out at me with the following comment: "He's Jewish!", like if I had some kind of problem with Jewish people and I shouldn't be reading, referencing and/or gaining knowledge by Jewish authors.

The thing is, I didn't know this individual from Jack and I was bewildered by his comment, but apparently he knew about me. This incident occurred after being in Albuquerque, NM for about three weeks. And, I will eventually be posting about my experience there and how it relates to this whole situation.

Anyway, here I am posting. And, now I'm tired of all this BS and am going to "Spill the Beans", as they say, and will be posting everyday to tell my story. I have tried to be conciliatory to no avail.